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Legal support for individuals, families and businesses.


I have been extraordinarily successful in settling, arbitrating and litigating serious personal injury matters, including many wrongful death cases.  Some of my more notable and creative cases:

  • I successfully litigated a multi-million dollar products liability case.
  • I settled a negligence case against a major pharmacy chain, for giving an infant the wrong medication.
  • I recently settled a medical malpractice case against a doctor at a Boston Hospital.  
  • My client was hit by a car and badly injured.  Unfortunately there was minimal insurance coverage on the car. I brought a "negligent landscaping" case against the landscaping company after I went to the location of the accident and saw that a shrub was overgrown and blocking a stop sign.  
  • A new client called me and said he had just fallen off of his ladder and broke his leg.  He believed it was his own fault. He asked me if I could help. I said "Let me look into it".  I investigated and found that the ladder that he had bought at Home Depot many, many years earlier, had been recalled due to defective design.  I was able to procure my client a sizeable settlement.
  • My client was in an automobile accident.  There was less than $100 damage to the car. Literally, barely a scratch to the bumper. I was able to recover more than $45,000.00 for my client's minor soft tissue injuries.
  • I successfully brought a negligence claim against an oil company for failing to clean the soot out of a clogged heating system flue, after my client's unexplained death by carbon monoxide poisoning. 


I help start ups get started.   I will discuss your vision, your business, and your budget.  Let's talk before you run and file an LLC yourself.  I draft and negotiate all kinds of business related contracts, including leases, employment contracts, purchase and sale agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and everything in between.

I draft and negotiate all necessary agreements, tailoring each contract according to a project’s scope, size, and budget, as my aim is to secure the appropriate legal protections for each client.

You keep your focus on your business; let me address the legal matters that will undoubtedly crop up now and again.

Hourly general Counsel

The majority of my business clients need occasional guidance--I discuss legal concerns well in advance of them turning into costly adversarial litigation.  Simply put, I help you pinpoint and resolve legal worries before they become a problem.

CIVIL Litigation

I have represented clients before arbitrators, mediators and most of the Commonwealth's courts regarding matters of every shape and size, from simple landlord tenant matters to complex corporate litigation, and almost everything in between.



I routinely prepare Trusts, Wills, Medical Directives, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies and Declarations of Remains.

I have probated large and small estates throughout the Commonwealth's probate courts, and I also know how to help you entirely avoid the probate process when appropriate.


I represent clients in simple and complicated divorce cases, when the division of assets, alimony,and/or custody of minor children may be contested.

I first establish a dialogue and work toward reaching an amicable solution.  This approach often results in clients saving thousands of dollars in legal fees in what would typically be a protracted legal dispute.


I can help you buy or sell your residential or commercial real estate.  Call before you sign anything, it is a lot safer for you that way.


I have tried hundreds of criminal cases. Just a few months ago I represented a defendant charged with vehicular homicide.  After a two day trial, the jury came back in thirty minutes and found my client not guilty.