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There is no substitute for experience. 


I do things differently...

After graduating from law school in 1984, I gained invaluable experience as a court-appointed criminal defense attorney.  I appeared in multiple courts almost daily, for approximately two decades.  I tried hundreds of cases, and learned a few tricks along the way that they do not teach in law school.

I now represent individuals, families and businesses in a wide array of legal matters, both civil and criminal.

My clients only come from referrals.   Eventually, I represent many of my client's family members and friends, and, over the years, I also have received many referrals from opposing counsel, which is always a high compliment.

Over my career, I have learned that the practice of law doesn't always need to be as complicated as the big law firms want you to believe. And that is why I do it differently than most lawyers. With more than three decades of experience, good judgment, common sense, and a lot of creativity, mine is not a typical law firm-- I focus more on the needs of each client, rather than every billable minute.  

One more thing...I do not leave the office until I have personally returned every phone call or email. I understand that a quick phone call may help a client sleep a little better at night.






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